The room of the Maneki Neko

 The Maneki Neko means Beckoning Cat
also known as Welcoming Cat, Lucky Cat, Money cat, or Fortune Cat
that is a common Japanese sculpture, often made of ceramic.

From the ancient time,people loved cats
and as well as the lucky item, because they caught mouses.

They say that saluting right hand one is assemble money,
saluting left hand one is assemble  people.

Ordinary shops put the saluting left hand one.

Sometime we often see greedy saluting  both hand
but this posing is same as “hold up”,because it must be completely opposite effect.

In addition, black one is becoming the talisman.

The Maneki Neko Liang

Zhuge Liang was a chancellor of the state of Shu Han
during the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history.
And stone in belly got in Sichuan China from Tibetan woman.

The Maneki Neko Nastaassja

Young Russian beauty cat !
Beauty and powerful pussy cat !

The Maneki Neko Galileo

The Maneki Neko who knows the moving of celestial bodies.

Small, but very powerful cat.

Though a cat, he must be say “And it yet moves”.

What a impudent cat he is!

The Maneki Neko Hideyoshi

Toyotomi Hideyoshi is one of the most famous general and politician
of the Age of Civil Wars in Japan.
But his arms made by the aboriginal sticks.

The Maneki Neko Lionel 

His name comes from one of the best straker in the world.

The Maneki Neko Cristiano

He is also one of the best striker in the world,too.

His  Latin power must be get fortune.

The Maneki Neko Mario

He has the Italian blue in the body.

Please enjoy  Mediterranean and sky blue!

The Maneki Neko Antonio

He is a Central America style Maneki Neko.

The Maneki Neko Indira

She is Indian noble cat.