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Kogure Masuo

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Painter, Auther, Visual desginer
Born in Tokyo
1986 Tama Art University,  graduated.

After graduated,
take up teaching for middle high school at Atsugi city in Kanagawa prefecture.

1988 Wandered in India and Turkey,Europe.
After return, work at design maker  (C) GEK KIKAKU CENTER INC.

Under the company’s enrollment,
make Colors Encyclopedia and The poitnts of the 2 colors printing

And edit work in the company DIC Color Guide is still now continued.

1996 April, independent.

1998  Auther debut by the vsual essay “ The cute Italians !“.

On the works, Achar-ku in India“Uncle Siesuta”“Enjoy Louvre” etc.

On a illustration, “The conversation book Yubisasi Italia” is best seller.


It is engaged in restaurant & food company related work in recent years.

“The wall painting of Dondon Matsue blanch” is the Udon chain stores in Cyugoku area.
The menu picture in “Al Cecciano”
is well known Yamagata Italian by Masayuki Okuda chef.
The wall painting in “Yamagata Sandandero” in Tokyo Ginza.

In Dec.2012,it is going to have an exhibition in Sinjyuku Keio Plaza Hotel robby gallery.

Atelier Kogure Factory

it is evaluated in quality of the works,
and according to a budget, having a good cost performance.

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