The room of Ganesha

Ganesha is Hindu god in India.
They say he gives us wealth and leanings.

Ganesha is the most popular god in India especially tourists.

 Having humorous shape but his true character is very strong and cruel god.
They say if you pray wrong method,
he makes himself mad and he gives you a fearful curse !

But if Ganesha taken to you, you are going to have much fortune.

Dancing Ganesha
The image of picture came from the famous Hindi movie “The dancing maharaja”.

Hindi movie always do dancing and singing.

Kakato-otoshi GaneshaKakato-otoshi is the killer kicking technique of Karate.

It swings down his heel for opponent.

Ippon-zeoi GaneshaIppon-zeoi is also killer through technique of Judo.

Heavy metal Ganesha
Ganesha is the god of study and art,
because playing guitar is a piece of cake to him !

Reggae Ganesha

Ganesha plays Reggae music very well.

He can sing Bob Malay very well.

And people in India loves Reggae very much!

Saturday night Ganesha

He likes old fashion disco music, too.

But middle aged people like them very much.

Conga Ganesha

Ganesha also plays black music very well.

Tornado GaneshaDo you remember Mr. Hideo Nomo?

He is the pioneer of the first succeed major league base ball player from Japan.
Without him, there is hardly play so many Japanese players.

Inline skating GaneshaGanesha really like active playing !

Skating board GaneshaGanesha is playing skating board very well,too !

FIFA World cup GaneshaEven Ganesha participated in representation of FIFA World cup also !

But which country’s  representation?

Slumdunk GaneshaGanesha imitated to Dennis Rodman’s  hair style and his dunk shooting.

But what’s Rodman doing now?

Yokoduna GaneshaYokoduna is the supreme ranking of Sumo wrestlers.

Dohyo-iri Ganesha

Dohyo-iri is the ceremony of Yokozuna through into the Sumo ring.

Kai-awase Ganesha

Kai-awase means cards game of using sea shells.

But it used the sea shells gathered from Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

Risort Ganesha

Ganesha reluxed to lying on the swimming pool in somewhere beach.

Onsen GaneshaOnsen means spa in Japan.

He is really reluxing  in onset spa !

Matryoshka doll Ganesha

Bronze Ganesha and Indian style pot

Four faced Ganesha

This is made from the customer’s request.

 Hydrangea GaneshaGanesha seems happiness in the rain♪

Rei Momo GaneshaRei Momo means the king of carnival in Rio.

Rei Momo eat everything so much!

Azteca Ganesha This is the Mexican style Ganesha.

India and Mexico also hot country so they might be congenial.

Cocktail Ganesha Ganesha has adult atmosphere

Vyasa ascetic and GaneshaVyasa is the ascetic who note a old epic in India “Maha-Bharata” from Ganesha.

Actually in the room, there is a few Indian style Ganesha.

As for the picture, Ganesha is wearing the cloth of heian period in Japan called Kariginu.

Ganesha plays Sitar

It must be only Indian style Ganesha.

But what he is wearing, Ganesha is still Ganesha !